2014 Archive

  1. December 28

    Languages: Español
    ‘Incarnation’: A needed neologism

    Much ink has been spilt in recent years about the new translation of the Roman Missal. For some, the language and phrasings are both unfamiliar and unintelligible.

  2. December 14

    Kids’ cards

    Children in our Catholic schools and religious education programs have deluged me with a tsunami of cards and letters welcoming me to Chicago. I am reading each one of them and I have sent responses. It is true they are all very entertaining, but they also have great pearls of wisdom.

  3. November 30

    Languages: Español
    My first Chicago Thanksgiving

    This first column for the Catholic New World happily coincides with our national Thanksgiving feast day. So, it only seems right to share with you my top 10 of things for which I am thankful: