2016 Archive

  1. December 11

    U.S. bishops to immigrants: We stand with you

    When the Catholic bishops of the United States met in Baltimore this past November, there was widespread support for developing a plan of action for a robust response to the increased risk faced by migrants and refugees in our country. In addition to offering needed spiritual and pastoral support, the bishops spoke of the need to be prophetic in their advocacy on behalf of immigrants, and also to build avenues for constructive engagement with policymakers.

  2. November 13

    Universal health care for the good of humanity

    The Catholic Church’s commitment to health care for all is longstanding. This is because we consider health care a basic human right.

  3. October 2

    By loving we proclaim God

    On Sept. 25, Pope Francis gave the following homily as he celebrated Mass in St. Peter’s Square on the occasion of the Jubilee of Catechists. I am pleased to provide the space of my column this week to reprint it here, as it provides helpful insights in understanding the Holy Father’s emphasis on placing mercy at the center of our relationships, whether with those in need in our parishes and families or those abroad.

  4. September 18

    The problems of priest politicians, the urgency of lay leadership

    In the previous issue of the Catholic New World, I wrote on the need for each of us to take responsibility for making decisions in good conscience. In last week’s edition of the Catholic Standard, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., has published a very fine article that addresses the issue of participating in the political process, as it applies both to the responsibility of each citizen and the role of church leadership. I am pleased to republish Cardinal Wuerl’s article in this space, and am grateful for his permission to do so. — Archbishop Blase J. Cupich

  5. September 4

    ‘The Joy of Love’: Dimensions of discernment for disciples

    “The Joy of Love,” Pope Francis’ response to the 2014 and 2015 synods of bishops, marks a fresh and even revolutionary approach to the church’s teaching on marriage and family life. As I noted earlier, this approach is anchored in the Holy Father’s insight that, as we see throughout Scripture, God has chosen families as the privileged place to reveal himself and his saving action in the world.

  6. August 21

    ‘The Joy of Love’ and the need for an authentic church discipline

    In my previous article on Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation “The Joy of Love, (CNW, Aug. 7), I referred readers to Professor Rocco Buttiglione’s comments on the document, published last month in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano. Known for his expertise on the writings of St. John Paul II, this esteemed Italian scholar noted that some of the “learned class” have expressed concern about the pope’s appeal for a pastoral care of people that is marked more by mercy than rigorous enforcement of rules.

  7. August 7

    A church that teaches and learns

    In my previous column I began a series of reflections on Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation “The Joy of Love,” which he issued after the two synods on the family and married life. As I noted, the pope begins by drawing attention to how the Bible repeatedly testifies to the fact that God has chosen to reveal himself through the experiences of families. In fact, the Holy Father reminds us, the Bible is replete with examples of how the family is the privileged place where salvation history takes place and is revealed. As a result, married couples and families should find in the text a fresh understanding and a deeper appreciation of their dignity and importance to the work and plan of God in the world.

  8. July 24

    Families: the privileged place of God’s revelation - Reflections on ‘The Joy of Love’

    These summer months will, I hope, provide each of us with some leisure time to read. I know that a lot of children have put together a list of books for summer reading, and that many even approach their reading as a contest with their peers.

  9. July 10

    Summer: A time for safety and salvation

    “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high.” George Gershwin’s lyrics from “Porgy and Bess” easily come to mind during the early days of summer. These are the days to relax and enjoy the gifts and growth of nature around us. Summer is a time to take a break from the demands made on us throughout the year.

  10. June 26

    Creating communities of communities

    Last September I urged you to see this task of renewing the church of Chicago, not in terms of a purely organizational response to financial and demographic data or a political calculation of what the people will accept. Rather, we have to approach this as a communal discernment process. It is part of our spiritual journey together, asking where is the Spirit moving us to take up in a fresh way through our parishes the mission of Christ to evangelize, make disciples and transform Chicagoland and the world in Christ’s love?

  11. June 12

    Master the art of friendship

    Earlier last month, I was honored to preside and preach at the baccalaureate Mass for Loyola University in Chicago. The readings selected for the Mass highlighted how God’s grace and creative power is active in nature, suggesting that this moment is a new springtime for these young people.

  12. May 29

    Homily for priesthood ordination

    Welcome to all of you. My special greeting goes to the parents, families and friends of the ordinandi — some of you who have travelled long distances. We are blessed to have each one of you here today.

  13. May 15

    A new Pentecost in the life of the church

    As Pope Francis recently remarked, we are living not only in an era of change but a change of era. This is a time to dream big. That is why we have launched Renew My Church, a pastoral planning process designed to bring those dreams to life and to strengthen the vitality of our parishes for generations to come. Just as the Holy Spirit filled the disciples at the first Pentecost and sent them on mission, the Holy Spirit is with us today, calling us to a new Pentecost to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ in a fresh way to the world. This work belongs to every parish and every Catholic across the archdiocese.

  14. May 1

    Cardinal Francis George in memoriam

    On Thursday afternoon, April 21, 2016, scores of family and friends of Cardinal George gathered at All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines, for the blessing of the stone covering his grave. The presence of media allowed this moment to be shared more widely, so that many more in our city could join in this memorial for a dedicated churchman who is remembered with affection and respect.

  15. April 17

    'The Joy of Love'

    This morning Pope Francis released “Amoris Laetitia” (The Joy of Love), following the two recent synods of bishops on marriage and family life. I welcome this document, having attended the 2015 synod where the issues the pope addresses here were discussed. The title comes from the first sentence: “The Joy of Love experienced by families is also the joy of the Church.” The message is clear: family life is a gift, and the more we treasure and support it, the truer we are to ourselves as believers.

  16. April 3

    Christ came back from the dead for us

    From the earliest days of the church to this very night of our vigil service, the Christian community has kept fresh a central truth we celebrate on Easter: Just as Christ came into the world to save us, came into the world for us, so too he rose from the dead to save us. He came back from the dead for us.

  17. March 20

    Homily for the Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

    Father Hurley, you pay this fullblooded Croatian, a singular honor by inviting me to preside at the Mass to begin our city’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

  18. March 6

    The Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Jerusalem Lecture Series

    For the past 21 years, the Archdiocese of Chicago has partnered with the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, the Chicago Board of Rabbis, the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago and the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership to sponsor a series of annual lectures with the aim of strengthening the bonds between the Jewish and Catholic communities here in Chicago. My esteemed predecessor, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, inaugurated this program with a lecture in Jerusalem the year before he died.

  19. February 21

    Lent A new springtime to rekindle an old friendship

    Have you ever noticed how often repetition is used in Scripture? We see it in the first chapters of the Bible in the Book of Genesis as creation unfolds day after day. The phrase “God created and saw it was good” is repeated seven times for the seven days. Likewise, in the New Testament, Jesus offers a repetitive pattern in preaching the Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the poor … Blessed are those who mourn ....”

  20. February 7

    ‘Renew My Church’ Dreaming Big about the Archdiocese of Chicago

    Americans are known as a people who dream, and dream big. As a country of immigrants, dreaming is in our national DNA. The dream of a better life gave immigrants the courage to leave their families and ancestral homes and start over. Their dreams sustained them as they shouldered unimaginable burdens, inspired them to take risks, and gave them the daring to do things never done before.

  21. January 24

    Remarks from March for Life Chicago

    Thank you for you being here today and welcome to all of our visitors from out of state. This isn’t cold; this is Chicago!

  22. January 10

    Homily for Midnight Mass

    For the first Mass of Christmas Day, the church gives us a passage from the Gospel of Luke (2:1-14). It features the shepherds on the hillside as the first to hear the Good News of Christ’s birth. The suggestion is that their experience has set the standard and is the point of reference for how people of every age from then on should welcome the Christ child into the world. So let’s take a closer look at how they respond and how this night impacts their lives.