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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A Missionary Among Us

By Nick Lauer

Brian on retreat with high school students.SPIRITUS Ministries

Brian with his fellow missionaries.SPIRITUS Ministries

Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep where the shepherd leaves his flock of 99 sheep in order to find the lost one. Jesus relates how this is the same attitude God has towards his followers who have become lost. There is no doubt God is smiling down upon Brian Hansen from Our Lady of the Wayside in Chicago, who is serving with a group of young adult missionaries in Wisconsin who are finding those lost sheep. SPIRITUS was founded in 2009 as a missionary disciple formation program with the goals to inspire thousands of Catholic youth and form lifelong missionary disciples to be leaders for the Church. Brian and the other missionaries will give 160 daylong and overnight retreats and will reach 5,000 youth this year. Brian Hansen has seen the impact that this missionary work is having on the youth firsthand. “The major impact that SPIRITUS is having on the youth of today is that it is providing them with a tangible and memorable encounter with our Lord, Jesus Christ, thus helping them to develop their personal relationship with Him. It is from there that the youth are then able to see the immense value of their Catholic faith.” Brian states that he has been impacted as a missionary, “SPIRITUS has revealed to me just how impactful my witness to my Catholic faith can be on the young people and how being formed into a leader for the Catholic Church enables me to be of service to others in a variety of ways.” If you know of young adults who want to inspire thousands of youth send them to

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