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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

East Lake Academy Principal Takes Missionary Trip to Nicaragua

By Elizabeth Simutis

East Lake Academy Principal, Mrs. Rosario Echavez, visits with a man at a home for the disabled in Nicaragua.Amy Lindemann, Oak Grove, IL

East Lake Academy missionary team in Nicaragua at a soup kitchen serving packs of food from Feed My Starving Children. Amy Lindemann, Oak Grove, IL

East Lake Academy, the private Catholic school located in Lake Forest, Illinois, and serving families across the Chicagoland area, always looks for ways to help others and get involved in important causes. Recently, the principal, Mrs. Rosario Echavez, led a mission team of nine people into Nicaragua, where they truly made differences in countless lives.

The group consisted of Mrs. Echavez, the East Lake Academy Chaplain, a few Academy families, and some of the faculty, headed out to Nicaragua to not only minister to the families there, but also to provide assistance. Prior to the trip, the group collected donated goods from students, friends, and families and embarked with nearly a dozen suitcases filled to the brim. Upon their arrival, the group traveled to a few Nicaraguan villages and handed out toys, clothing, personal care products, and more. They also spent their time volunteering at soup kitchens and visiting various orphanages spread across the country amazed that they were serving food packed by the Feed My Starving Children organization where East Lake students serve often for apostolic field trips.

Amy Lindemann, the mother of an 8th grader who as also on the trip, at East Lake Academy, said, “Of course, I loved the girls at the orphanage, but what still stands in my mind is the soup kitchen. The feeling that I got when we approached the village, and seeing all the people going through the garbage in hopes of getting either a meal or something that they could salvage to sell for money to support their families, was heart wrenching.” Later, she said, “That moment made it all worth it for me; to know that we can really make a difference, big or small, close or far.”

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